Decorative Nail Trim

Nail Head Trim:
Styles standard with nails are listed in the price list and shown in the catalog.

The standard nail is #1-FN, 1/2" French Natural, and will be applied head-to-head unless otherwise indicated in the price list. You may also select any other nail shown below at the same price. Please specify nail finish desired on all orders.

Spaced Nail Application:
The standard nail treatment is head-to-head unless otherwise indicted in the price list and catalog. Converting from head-to-head to applying nails in a spaced manner requires an additional upcharge as shown below:

Note: If the standard nail is already spaced on an item, you may choose any nail finish shown below at the same price.

Actual Nail Size: Approximately 1/2 inch.

Sherrill Occasional Decorative Nail Trim Options