Custom Table Program

Our made to measure program allows you to choose your style, your finish, the size of the table to the inch and how you want the grain of the top surface to run. That's a lot of opportunity for self-expression.

Select from six table types:

End Table (90), 26" Height
Cocktail Table (80), 19" Height
Console/Dining/Desk (70), 30" Height
Console Table (60), 34" Height New
Counter Table (50), 36" Height New
Bar Table (40), 42" Height

Choose from four styles of top/leg combinations. It’s as easy as A, B, C, or D.

A = Beveled Top Saber Leg
B = Beveled Top Tapered Leg
C = Square Top Taper Leg
D = Beveled Top Chow Leg

Determine your unique
proportions L x W:

(example 3024=30x24)
The first dimension, length will determine how you want the grain to run on the top surface.

Choose from any of our Custom Finishes:

Specify any of our custom finishes or finish combinations (example #79 Stone = 79). Each table is hand-crafted and custom finished in Hickory, North Carolina

Customize further by adding Striping or Hand Decorated borders in your choice of ten colors.