Custom Finishes Program

Our designers & craftspeople have developed 29 finish options that allow you the opportunity to customize any Select item. Whether you're drawn to Platinum or Antique Red, there's a wide variety to help you get creative and customize each piece into a reflection of you, your home and your style

Custom Finishes

Almond Almond F9 (M) Antique Ivory Finish Antique Ivory 41 (L) Antique Red Finish Antique Red 43 (L) Antler / Sandblasted Finish Antler / Sandblasted A4 (H) * Basic Black II Finish Basic Black II 18 (H) Beeswax Finish Beeswax 10 (H) Black Nickel Finish Black Nickel 39 (H) Cafe Noir Finish Cafe Noir C8 (H) Cashmere Finish Cashmere C7 (H) Chamois / Sandblasted Finish Chamois / Sandblasted B3 (L) * Chamois / Sandblasted Finish Dove 21 (L) * Driftwood Finish Driftwood 76 (L) Espresso Finish Espresso 21 (M) Fog Grey Finish Fog Grey B2 (L) F4 Gold Gold F4 (H) Heirloom Finish Heirloom 70 (M) Maison Finish Maison 07 (H) Malibar Finish Malibar C3 (M) Masquerade II Finish Masquerade II 19 (H) Metro II Finish Metro II 22 (H) Mineral Finish Mineral J7 (M) Mink Finish Mink 88 (H) Modern Elm Finish Modern Elm A2 Platinum Finish Platinum 87 (L) Silkwood Finish Silkwood 16 (L) Slate Finish Slate J5 Smoked Ash Finish Smoked Ash 35(H) Smoked Ash / Sandblasted Finish Smoked Ash / Sandblasted A5 (H) * Soho Finish Soho 55 (H) Stone Finish Stone 79 (L) Sugar Finish Sugar 28 Truffle Finish Truffle K4 (L) * Walnut Finish Walnut 30 Washed Canvas Washed Canvas J3 (L) * Washed Linen Washed Linen 34 (L) Winter White Finish Winter White C9 (L)

H = High Sheen Level (55-75)
M = Medium Sheen Level (25-50)
L = Low Sheen Level (5-25)

* Finishes recommended for items constructed of Oak, Ash, or Elm, or if item is sandblasted.

Custom Finishes - Premium

Color Match Program Color Match CM

Add your favorite paint color to our furniture with Color Match. With the Color Match program, choose a paint color, send us a paint finish chip, and we will match it to finish your custom order. With thousands of colors to choose from, it has never been easier to incorporate your unique style.

Black Pearl Finish Black Pearl ML Bonze Patina Finish Bronze Patina ML Gold Leaf Squares Finish Gold Leaf Squares ML Silver Leaf Squares Finish Silver Leaf Squares ML Silver Leaf with Gold Finish Silver Leaf with Gold ML

Striping Options

Striping Options Striping Options

Many items lend themselves to hand-striping applications, allowing you to bring out details not only of the furniture but in your surroundings as well.


Taupe Shagreen Surface Taupe Shagreen S2** Ivory Shagreen Surface Ivory Shagreen S1** Charcoal Shagreen Surface Charcoal Shagreen S3**

** Shagreen Surfaces are only available on select items as indicated in the price list.

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